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Amino-B Booster – 16oz original

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Amino-B Booster is a specially formulated, all inclusive liquid protein with 20 amino acids vital for bee health that can be mixed with sugar syrups (works well in either sucrose or fructose mixtures). Best results occur when mixed with Honey B Healthy.

Amino-B Booster is assimilated rapidly, directly through the midgut to the bee hemolymph and hemocytes, then transported to the sites where protein is needed for growth of the bee, both as larvae and as adults.

Amino-B Booster is used:

  • For early brood development for beekeepers producing strong colonies for pollination, or for producing new colonies or nucs.
  • To feed bees protein during dearths of pollen in late winter, mid-summer or during droughts.
  • For beekeepers producing queens: Amino-B Booster will provide all of the amino acids needed for healthy nurse bees and for production of high quality bee milk and royal  jelly.
  • To assist beekeepers to produce early strong colonies to take advantage of early blooming honey plants.
  • To build and strengthen weak colonies; especially following nosema ceranae attack or after pesticide injury.
  • To simulate a nectar flow and/or pollen bloom when using 1:1 sugar syrup, 3 tablespoons Amino-B Booster with HBH.
  • Can be used as a ’Protein drench’ when bees are taking pollen substitutes very slowly: spray or drizzle the Amino-B Booster and HBH into the brood area; bees will clean it up, store it and use it.

Amino-B can be applied during instances of ‘protein stress’ when bees are producing brood and available pollen sources are limited in quantity and quality of protein or essential amino acids   

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