Apiguard Thymol Gel Single Tray


Apiguard Thymol Gel Single Tray

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To use Apiguard, place the dosing tray centrally on the top of the brood frames gel side up. If you have a double brood chamber, place the Apiguard on top of the brood frames of the lower chamber and put the second brood chamber on top. For single brood chambers, be sure to allow at least 1/4 inch of spacing between the top of the tray and the cover using spacer boards or empty supers as needed. Screened bottom boards should be closed while Apiguard is being applied.  Dosing rate is a total of two, 50 gram trays per hive. (Apply the second tray 14 days after the first).  Apply when maximum daily temperature is between 60F to 105F May not be used when honey supers are in place.


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