Assembled, Unpainted 1 Deep, Starter Hive w/1 piece frames


Assembled, Painted 1 Deep, Starter Hive w/Wood bound plastic

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While preassembled hives cost more than unassembled hives, we believe the value in our quality of materials and assembly will exceed your expectations and allows you to be a beekeeper rather than having to labor before enjoying your beekeeping activities. Once your colony is established in this 1 deep hive, you will need to add additional deep or medium hive bodies for brood and additional mediums for honey storage

Our 1 deep, starter hive with 1 piece Pierco frames consists of

  • 1 – Assembled and unpainted telescoping cover
  • 1 – Assembled standard inner cover
  • 1 – Assembled and unpainted deep hive body
  • 10 – 1 piece frames double waxed
  • 1 – Assembled and unpainted screened bottom board w/ Coroplast closure sheet
  • 1 – Wood entrance reducer

Note: We recommend you keep the frames in the bag they come in order to maintain the freshness of the wax (and that beautiful beeswax smell).

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Weight 32 lbs


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