Emry Shim, Unpainted – 10 frame


Rim – 2″ deep


The Emry shim is made from the same quality wood as all our other wooden products. The Emry Shim is a nice piece of equipment to have around. Its a 3/4-inch rectangular rim containing a 3/4-inch notch cut 3/8 -inch deep front middle. One use is to place it on top of your honey supers to allow for additional room for forage bees. Also it also help provide hive ventilation by placing it beneath the inner cover. Proper ventilation helps maintain hive temperature and also makes it easier for bees to dry honey down for capping. Available in 10 and 8 frame.

Additional information

Weight 1.00 lbs
Dimensions 20.2 × 16.3 × 1 in


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Spring build up time!
Monitor overwintered colonies for swarm signals –
Drone production and Swarm cells.
Consider reversals and/or Splitting strong hives.
Check mite levels in overwintered hives.
Feed new packages 1:1 sugar syrup and possibly pollen patty.