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Formic Pro is the third generation biopesticide produced by NOD Apiary Products to control varroa mites.  Formic Pro is a 14 day treatment of formic acid in gel form that not only kills phoretic mites, but also mites in the capped brood. No resistance is expected to develop as with some other types of treatment.   Daytime temperatures must be between 50-92 degrees and entrances must be completely open during the treatment period.  While some bee mortality is common during the initial 3 days, brood rearing will quickly recover by the end of the treatment period and overall colony health will not be compromised. The strips are compostable and at the end of the treatment period you can remove them or let the bees dispose of them. As with all chemical treatments we strongly advise you to read the FAQs, the MSDS, and follow the label instructions to understand the mode of action of the product, the potential impacts on your honeybee colonies, and the risks associated with use and misuse of the product. We also encourage you to do your own research by visiting the manufacturer’s website, and reading other beekeeper’s experiences with the product in the larger online beekeeping forums. Approved in all states and certified for use in the production of Organic Honey! The 15 pack carton contains 60 strips which is enough to provide a full treatment for 30 hives (2 strips per hive).

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