Frame/Foundation, One-piece, Medium, White Double Waxed – 10 pack


One-piece Frame/Foundation – Medium, White

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These one-piece combination frame/foundation are made in the USA by Pierco from FDA approved, food-grade plastic resin. The frames have a patented ear design that is engineered and tested to withstand heat deflection, impact and stress. The frames are coated with US beeswax and are backed by Pierco’s 10-year guarantee. We recommend using the white combination frames for honey supers. Simplify your beekeeping with Pierco one-piece frames. No assembly required. Frames are double waxed. Pack of 10.

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Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions 19.3 × 13.8 × 6.4 in


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FOR July

  • Reverse Brood Chambers Regularly
  • Monitor Varroa Mite Levels
  • Maintain Water Source
  • Add Honey Supers