Gift Basket #1


Gift Basket #1

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Our gift baskets are smile makers, long distance hug givers, and stress reducers. This gift basket includes hand dipped and tea light candles and wax bar produced by Calamus Creek Farms and a stoneware plate, made by local artist Narra Smith Cox. The basket also include honey candy…candy is hard candy shell with a honey center.  Calamus Creek Farms is a small, family-owned and operated apiary committed to sustainable practices, community education, and the production of high-quality natural liquid honey, honeycomb and beeswax. They are a Wisconsin licensed Food Processor and extract and bottle honey in a state inspected commercial kitchen facility. All of their staff must successfully complete the ServSafe food handler and manager training program illustrating our commitment to high quality food products. Their products carry the Something Special From Wisconsin labeling. They minimally process our honey, meaning they only strain it once. They don’t heat our honey nor do they filter it through fine mesh filters. As a result the honey retains all the flavors and beneficial properties created by the honey bees. The plate is handcrafted and then finished with a lead-free and food-safe glaze(s) in a variety of earth tone colors. Narra is a local potter with a commitment to honey bees. No longer able to raise bees due to increasing reactions to bee stings, she’s delighted to support the work of beekeepers and their wonderful honey bees by creating handcrafted wheel-thrown honey pots and related items that complement locally-produced honey. Her pieces are made of stoneware, a durable pottery ideal for utilitarian use. Each piece is lead-free and food-safe, and made to be enjoyed in daily use.


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Reverse regularly
Monitor varroa mite levels
Maintain water source
Add honey supers as needed