Hardware Cloth – 1/8″ Opening, #8


Hardware Cloth 36″ wide -1/8″ opening

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1/8” galvanized hardware cloth is used for a variety of purposes in the bee yard. You can use is for making varroa screen boards, hive top ventilation screens and for locking your bees in the hive in the event you need to move them. Our stock width is 36″ and is sold by the lineal foot.  Order the lineal footage you require for your project. For example, if you want a 12″x36″ piece, order 1 foot. If you would like to have a 24″x36″ piece order 2 feet, need a 36″x36″ piece, order 3 feet. Hardware cloth may be shipped folded unless requested otherwise.  Please call for shipping cost.  Thanks .


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