Hive Body, Deep, Painted w/Pierco One Piece Black Frames


Hive Body – 9 5/8 ” w/ Pierco One Piece Balck

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While pre-assembled hive parts may cost more than un-assembled, we believe the value in our quality of materials and assembly will exceed your expectations and allow you to be beekeepers rather than having to labor before enjoying your beekeeping activities.

Our pre-assembled and painted Langstroth hive components will last for years. We carefully select our wood components to assure a good and true fit. We use Titebond III glue on all wood-wood joints since it is waterproof, non-toxic, solvent free and is FDA approved for indirect food contact. In addition we staple the joints with medium crown staples to provide a mechanical connection. Painted components receive one coat of primer and two coats of Hallman Lindsay Weatherguard mixed to our own color specification.

The Pierco one piece plastic frames are pre-waxed and guaranteed by Pierco for 10 years.

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Weight 23 lbs
Dimensions 20.2 × 16.3 × 9.8 in


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  • Spring buildup time!
  • Monitor overwintered hives for swarming signals

Drone production
Swarm cells

  • Consider reversing or splitting strong hives
  • Check mite levels in overwintered hives
  • Feed new packages 1:1 syrup