Is Beekeeping for ME? Avail Feb 12, 2022 – In Person Class


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Are you thinking about becoming a beekeeper?
Well, this seminar is just for you! It’s being offered in person with COVID protocol.

IS BEEKEEPING FOR ME? – Beekeeping can be an enlightening and fulfilling hobby. We will discuss why people choose to keep honeybees, the historic connection between humans and honeybees, the risks of beekeeping along with many other important things to consider prior to committing to keeping bees. This presentation is geared toward people who are trying to decide if they should “take the plunge” into beekeeping.

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THE BEEKEEPER’S YEAR – What is it like keeping bees? What tasks does a beekeeper perform? What’s happening in the hive each season? What are the challenges? We will answer these questions and many more as we take you through a typical year of keeping honeybees. This presentation is open to anyone who wants to learn more about what beekeeping is like and what beekeepers do.

Class time: 10 am – Noon.

Location: 200 Commercial Drive, Columbus WI

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FOR July

  • Reverse Brood Chambers Regularly
  • Monitor Varroa Mite Levels
  • Maintain Water Source
  • Add Honey Supers