Professional Beekeeper Gloves


Pro Beekeeper Gloves

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Comfort, quality and affordability were the top factors we were in search of when we came across the designer of these gloves. They’re made with a grade A sheepskin for the hands and a cotton sleeve. There is a built-in vent around the wrist which will help keep your hands cooler (and you will find our double mesh is much heavier than what is found in competing gloves). It is important to still be able to feel what you are doing while wearing gloves, and these gloves give you that ability. The Keystone thumb design of our gloves provides a better range mobility compared to gloves with wing or straight thumbs. People use these gloves rather than leather gloves because they are much more comfortable yet still protect against stings. Our Professional Beekeeper Glove sizes tend to follow the Isotoner glove sizes. Available in XX-Small, X-Small, Medium, Large, X-Large and 2XLarge sizes.

Refer to our detailed sizing chart to find the correct size gloves for you. Some women actually find the child glove to be a better fit for them.

Sizing Chart for Gloves

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Weight 0.33 lbs
Dimensions 5.30 × 8.50 × 1 in
Professional Beekeeper Gloves

2XS (2-3/8" see chart), L (4" – see chart), M (3-5/8" see chart), S (3-1/8" see chart), XL (4-1/4" see chart), XS (2-3/4" see chart)


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