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In this tool kit you will receive smoker with removable can, standard hive tool, bee brush, 1-gallon feeder pail, and beekeeping in northern climates book bundle.

Smoker with Removable can: Our stainless-steel smoker with leather bellows is the perfect size for the hobby beekeeper. The hook on the heat shield allows you to hang the smoker on the edge of the hive or over the lip of a pail. A removable ventilated can liner inside of the smoker keeps your combustibles elevated above the air injection port.

Standard Hive Tool: Another must have in every beekeeper’s toolbox is a hive tool. Use this tool for cracking apart hive bodies, scraping burr comb, loosening stuck frames, prying open queen cages, and occasionally for scratching your back (careful these are sharp!). Our tool features a scraper on one end and a nail puller on the other.

Bee Brush: A seemingly simple tool, the bee brush is a must have in every beekeeper’s toolbox. Our brushes have hardwood handles and long, soft bristles making them very efficient at flicking bees off comb and clothing.

One Gallon Feeder Pail: Our plastic pail feeder is a perfect solution for spring and fall feeding. It consists of a 1-gallon plastic pail, a lid with 1” hole and integrated stainless-steel screen. Fill the pail with your favorite nectar substitute and invert over the hole of inner cover.

Beekeeping in Northern Climates Book Bundle: This two-book set includes “Beekeeping in Northern Climates” and “Honeybee Diseases and Pests.” These books provide basic management principles and methods for managed wintered honeybee colonies in northern climates including the most current information on diseases and pests. This excellent set of books includes management calendars, color photos of disease symptoms and pest. Written by Dr. Marla Spivak and Gary Reuter of the University of Minnesota. The manuals provide in depth information on basic management for keeping honeybee colonies in cold climates, including procedures for establishing and maintaining a new colony, equipment needs, swarm prevention techniques, wintering colonies and honey extraction.

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