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In this tool kit you will receive smoker with removable can, J hook hive tool, frame grip, and bee brush.

Smoker with Removable Can: The smoker is a simple device for burning fuel in an environment that is starved of oxygen, until the bellows provide a mild blast of air. Our domed top smoker is constructed of stainless steel and features a hemi spherically domed top, heat shield, hook and a removable, ventilated inner can which allows air to more fully circulate around your combustibles.

J Hook Hive Tool: Our J-hook hive tool is an excellent upgrade over the standard hive tool. The advantage of a J-hook is that there is less risk of breaking the rabbeted lip on your hive body. One end serves as a scraper for removing burr comb, cracking hive bodies apart and prying open queen cages. The J-hook end is used for lifting out frames by slipping the tool between frames, turning the tool and using the heel of the hook to level against the top bar of an adjacent frame. Our J-hook has a shallower angle than the Maxant tool which means it is easier to initially slip between the frame ends.

Frame Grip: A frame grip is used to help loosen and remove frames from a hive. Works with all types of frames; wooden or plastic and deep, medium or shallow.
Frame grip can be either a flat or round handle style. When ordering if you don’t mention in the note section upon ordering/checkout which style you want, the flat handled one will be sent to you.

Bee Brush: A seemingly simple tool, the bee brush is a must have in every beekeepers tool box. Our brushes have hardwood handles and long, soft bristles making them very efficient at flicking bees off comb and clothing.

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Weight 10 lbs
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