Triangle Bee Escape – 8 frame


Fume Board – 10 frame

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Triangle bee escapes are a n effective non-chemical method for removing bees from honey supers. Triangle escapes will not plug with bees like Porter bee escapes can. Place the triangle bee escape between the honey super and brood chamber. The bees will pass through the hole as they exit the super and into the triangular maze. Bees can get out of the maze but cannot get back in easily and most will removed from the super in 24 hours. If the escape is left on for 2 or more days they will eventually find their way back in). Works best when night-time temperatures are cooler.

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Dimensions 20 × 16.375 × 2 in



Spring buildup time!
Monitor overwintered hives for swarming signals
Drone production
Swarm cells
Consider reversing or splitting strong hives
Check mite levels in overwintered hives
Feed new packages 1:1 syrup