Unassembled 5 Medium w/ Wood Bound Frames and Wired Wax Foundation


Unassembled 5 Medium w/Wood Bound Frames and Wax Foundation

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Our partially unassembled Langstroth hives provide you the opportunity to save money and gain the satisfaction of assembling and some of the hive components yourself. These hives consist of the same quality components that go into our assembled and painted hives.

Our 5 medium unassembled hive with wood bound frames and wired wax foundation consists of:

  • 1 – Assembled telescoping cover
  • 1 – Assembled standard inner cover
  • 5 – Unassembled medium hive bodies
  • 50 – Unassembled medium wedge top bar (WTB) grooved bottom bar (GBB) frames
  • 50 – Sheets of wire wax foundation with hooks
  • 1 – Assembled and unpainted screened bottom board w/ Coroplast closure sheet
  • 1 – Wood entrance reducer
  • Nails for hive bodies and frames
  • Foundation support pins, 4 per medium frame

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Weight 89 lbs


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