VItamin-B-Healthy, 16oz


Vitamin B Healthy – 16oz

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When bees begin producing royal jelly for the young larvae and the queen, they need a diet high in vitamins. Nurse bees need the following vitamin B complex for brood rearing: thiamine, riboflavin, nicotinamide (niacin, nicotinic acid), pyridoxine, pantothenate (pantothenic acid), folic acid, and biotin. Pantothenic acid is needed in worker-queen differentiation and nicotinic acid, in initiating brood rearing. Vitamin-B-Healthy is a feeding supplement that provides the B complex vitamins that bees need. It is especially useful to feed Vitamin-B-Healthy in syrup during times of pollen dearth, when only poor nutritional pollen is available (e.g. corn pollen) and when summer/fall pollen stores become old (late winter). Vitamin-B-Healthy can be used in conjuction with the feeding stimulant, Honey-B-Healthy and the amino acid supplement Amino-B Booster.

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