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The Warre hive is a vertical top bar hive. The design is attributed to Abbe Emile Warre and has attributes and advantages associated with “traditional” top bar hives and modern Langstroth hives. Many variants of the Warre hive have been developed by various individuals over the years, each trying to improve on the original design. Our Warre hive is constructed of cedar lumber, with the interior side unmilled to encourage the bees to propolize the interior surface (which is beneficial to bee health). The base, called a floor, includes a landing platform for the bees. The three hive bodies each hold eight, 15/16″ wide, tapered top bars (as the season progressed you will need additional hive bodies).  Our precision milled top bars, made from select pine,  help your bees construct parallel comb. These bars feature a full-width taper which the bees festoon from while initially building comb. In addition the tapered design provides more surface area for the bees to attach their comb to. The inner cover/quilt box, has a muslin cloth bottom, and can be filled with pine shavings or similar materials in the winter to provide moisture control and some insulation. The roof of the hive has a ventilated cavity underneath to dissipate heat in the summer.

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  • Reduce entrance
  • Feed heavy syrup (2:1)
  • Treat for Nosema if needed
  • Pack for winter