Winter-Summer Inner Cover – 10 Frame


Winter-Summer Inner Cover – 10 Frame


Our winter-summer inner cover serves dual purposes and can be used in several ways. During the warmer months, the shallow side faces down and it functions as a standard inner cover. During the winter the deep side can be used one of two ways, 1) as an insulating top box with the deep side up and the included 1-1/2″ thick polystyrene insulation sheet inserted (the sheet is grooved to allow moisture to escape, or 2) as a mold for candy boards. When used as a candy board the deep side faces down and hive moisture, which usually is a problem in the winter, softens the candy so the bees can feed. This puts the feed at the top of the hive, right were the bees will need it when they exhaust their stored honey reserves.The hole in the center can be used for feeding with a mason jar surrounded by an empty hive body or for feeding with a feeder pail. Comes with a 1-1/2″ thick polystyrene insulation insert that is grooved for ventilation.  Comes assembled.

Candy board recipe:

  • Bring 7 lbs. of sugar, 1 lb. of water (2 cups), and 1 1/2 lbs. (about 1 1/8 cups) HFCS (or 2:1 sugar water) to a slow boil while stirring until candy consistency is reached (soft boil level) about 220 to 230 degrees F.
  • Optional: Take the candy off the heat and stir in a 1 lb. of pollen substitute with a whisk.
  • Line deep side of cover with parchment paper. Pour mixture into a mold and allow to cool. A mason jar can be used to seal and cover the hole in the center and removed once the candy sets.

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  • Finish packing for winter
  • Check moisture levels
  • Clean and prep extra equipment
  • Catch up on readings about bees